See What A Health & Lifestyle Coach Keeps In Her Fridge


See What A Health & Lifestyle Coach Keeps In Her Fridge

Take a sneak peek inside Claire Grieve's fridge. 

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but we like to think that the contents of a fridge can say a whole lot more about a person (read: are you a sweet or savoury tooth?) That’s why we asked Claire Grieve, LA-based yoga expert and health and lifestyle coach, if we could take a peek inside her fridge.

From her must-have fruit and vegetables to her tried-and-true sweet treat, Claire reveals all.

Inside Claire Grieve’s fridge

My food philosophy is very simple; eat real, nutritious food. I am vegan so the majority of my diet (and kitchen) is made up of organic fruit, veggies, nuts and grains. I try to avoid gluten, dairy and processed foods. What we put inside our bodies reflects on the outside, so I believe it’s important to feed yourself with love and nourish your body with whole foods.

Organic Fresh Produce

My fridge is filled with fresh organic fruit and veggies that I buy at local farmers markets. Expect to see all the colours of the rainbow. I like to keep them fresh for snacks and meals, and frozen for smoothies. I always pick whatever is in-season, but some of favourites include; blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, banana, mango, acai, spinach, kale, avocados, cucumber, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, asparagus, and sweet potato.

Organic Deli

I love visiting Erewhon’s organic deli section. It is filled with delicious salads and hot foods like kale/quinoa/squash, rice/veggie, lentil salads, baked yams, and zucchini pasta. I like to stock up on these easy grab-and-go options for when I’m on the road teaching yoga clients.


Vanilla almond and hemp milk are my go-to dairy alternatives. I also buy Harmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water for an electrolyte boost and Kreation cold pressed organic juices. You’ll always find apple cider vinegar in my fridge as I have a spoonful with meals or as a salad dressing.


I always add superfoods into my smoothies so they’re staples in my kitchen. Chia seedscoconut oil, flax oil, gogi, spirulina, bee pollen, E3 live, almond butter and super greens are all jam-packed with flavour and nutrients.


For an energy boost during the day I’ll snack on chia seed puddings (grab a recipe here), Elemental Superfood Bars and coconut date balls.

Sweet Treats

My freezer always has a few tubs of Coconut Bliss non-dairy ice creamfor my sweet tooth fix.


I take a high quality, dairy-free probiotic for digestive health every day.


How To Get Into Crow Pose In 6 Simple Steps


How To Get Into Crow Pose In 6 Simple Steps

Did you know, balancing on your hands and mastering crow pose is easier than you'd think?

We’ve all seen those intsa-worthy arm balance pictures that look totally out of reach. You can find them on the pages of the uber flexible seasoned yogis. But did you know, balancing on your hands and mastering crow pose is easier than you’d think?

Crow pose is the foundation of most arm balances. It works the whole body, builds endurance, and strengthens the mind. In terms of the body, this balance uses full body co-ordination. In particular, it strengthens the arms and wrists, and tones the core muscles and organs. It stretches the upper back and inner thighs, and opens the groin, which helps to ease lower back pain and indigestion.

But it also benefits the mind. Since we all fear falling on our face, it provides us with confidence and a healthy self-awareness. Learning to move slowly and staying calm while practising this pose also helps us with everyday stress and anxiety.

Before you begin, the most important thing with arm balances is to have fun. You will fall. So laugh, smile, pick yourself up, and try again. Try and try again. It’s all part of mastering the pose.

Ready to take flight? Follow these six simple steps and tick this off your yoga bucket list.


The Sliding Plank Move That Works Better Than Boring Crunches (Seriously)


The Sliding Plank Move That Works Better Than Boring Crunches (Seriously)

Get a six-pack and clean your floors in one fell swoop. 

We do love our Aussies here at Sporteluxe—and celebrity yoga instructor and #abgoals idol Claire Grieve is no exception. 

Grieve counts A-listers like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Odell Beckham Jr. as students, so the woman clearly knows her stuff. But the thing we love most about Claire? She makes yoga approachable for everyone—whether they’re heading to the mat to find inner peace, or to increase their hamstring flexibility. Her keen grasp on physical anatomy and how to work certain muscles in order to see results is what makes her so crazy-popular among the celeb set … And why we wanted to pick her brain on the best ab move to do to see results.

Claire breaks down the importance of core strength in everyday life (other than for #abselfies, obviously)


“On the mat building your back and ab strength will stabilise your asanas, keep you standing upright, support your balance and increase flexibility in the back. It will also give you the strength and control to rock advanced poses like handstands and arm balances,” she explains.

Her pick for the move that’ll tone, tighten, and sculpt your abdominal muscles? The sliding plank. All you’ll need is a dish towel or hand towel and a smooth floor.

Sliding Plank

Works: The rectus abdominis (outer abs) transverse abdominis (inner abs) Obliques (side abs), legs, arms, shoulders and back.

  1. Start in plank position with your feet on a blanket, town or disks.

2. Simultaneously draw both knees in towards your chest using your abdominal muscles 

3. Keep your hips parallel to the ceiling, arms straight, shoulders and chest stable. 

4. Control your abs as you slide your legs back to plank position. 

5. Repeat 10 times. Add more repetitions at your own pace.

6. Add a twist for variation, one leg at a time mountain climbers, or feet towards hands with straight legs.  


Meet Claire Grieve: successful fitness personality


Meet Claire Grieve: successful fitness personality

The highly sought-after yoga specialist, stretch therapist, health and lifestyle coach reveals all. 

Claire Grieve is a highly sought-after yoga specialist, stretch therapist and health and lifestyle coach. After earning a Bachelors of Education from Melbourne University, she moved to Los Angeles and underwent extensive yoga training before taking flight on her own. Since then, Claire has developed a loyal client base that includes celebrities like Rosie Huntington Whitelyprofessional athletes, seasoned yogis and beginners alike.

In her own words, here’s an insight into what keeps her happy, healthy and inspired.

Born: Melbourne, Australia.

Lives: Los Angeles, California.

Known for: Making yoga fun and accessible to everyone from first time yogis, kids, supermodels to professional athletes. Inspiring people to live a healthy happy lifestyle.

Personal motto: Live life to the fullest, show up, work hard and have fun along the way.

Success is: Happiness is the key to success and the ability share it with the people you love.

Advice I would give my 20 yr. old self: Experience life, don’t sweat over the small stuff. Travel solo, meet new people, fall in love, cry, laugh, be free, change jobs, skydive. Embrace each experience and find your passion.

People are surprised that I: Can drive a V-8 super car and balance on my chin.

I’m inspired by (person, place or idea): I’m fortunate to surround myself with friends and colleagues who inspire me daily. People who have a strong work ethic, creative spirit and dedication to achieve the highest success, remain grounded, who are willing to empower and help others.

The biggest risk I have taken (that has paid off) is: Moving to LA after a two week holiday. Ten years, a green card and a life changing yoga class later I found my passion and built a successful health and fitness company.

From my mistakes, I have learnt: I call mistakes lessons in life. They make you stronger, wiser and mould you to be a better person.

My most used emoji is: Kissy face, muscle arm.

Wake up time: 6/630am.

Morning ritual: Water, Probiotics, Shower, Skincare Regime, Yoga clothes, Green Detox Plant Protein Smoothie To-GO. Out the door and on the road to first client.

Desk lunch: No desk. Lunch on the run. Healthy green salad packed with veggies, avocado, quinoa.

Last thing I do at night: Bath, Magnesium, Listen to Meditation tape.

Guilty pleasure: Spa days and Tomoko Japanese Massage.

3 things vital to my day: Friends, laughter, exercise.

Cafe: Kreation Organic Kafe.

Juice: Green. 50 shades of green – everything green you can think of!

Coffee: Iced Green Tea.

Culture stop: Travel – If I could I would live out of a suit case and visit all the places on my bucket list. Local – The Getty Centre. Best views of Los Angeles and a great collection of art.

Studio/gym: Maha Yoga/Ben Bruno Training.

Sports bra: Nike.

Sports tights: Lululemon.

Shoes: Asics.

Sunglasses: Ray Ban Aviators Custom Design.

Watch: Rolex.

Store: Online shopping. IntermixFWRDNet-A-PorterRevolveShopbop for the rare occasion you will see me out of yoga pants!

New season must have: I love my blue Celine Mini. Great cross body bag to jazz up my yoga gear.

App: Waze – Gets me around LA Traffic. NYTimes – Keeps me up to date with news and world affairs.

Website: The Skimm everything you need to start your day. & for daily dose of health & fitness.

Binge watch: I don’t watch TV unless SportsCenter is on.

Instagram stalk: @nude_yogagirl

Album love: Rhianna Anti


Instagram: @claire_grieve


Snap: claire_grieve


Try 15 Of Our Favourite Yoga Poses For Debloating


Try 15 Of Our Favourite Yoga Poses For Debloating

Feeling bloated? Flatten your belly, ease those dreaded aches and help digestion with this de-bloating yoga sequence.

Nearly everyone has dealt with the dreaded belly bloat. Even if you haven’t, you’ve heard about it; the uncomfortable (and sometimes embarrassing) full sensation, the aching and swelling of the abdomen, and let’s not forget about the passing of gas.

However, instead of reaching for De-Gas, why not try a few gentle yoga poses? Practicing yoga is like a massage for the body, compressing the internal organs and increasing circulation, which works to removes toxins that can contribute to bloating.

So, if bloating is getting the better of you, limber up and roll out your yoga mat.

Bloated? Try this quick and calming yoga sequence

Sequence 1

  1. Mountain Pose: Stand tall with your feet together, weight is evenly balanced. Lengthen your spine, soften your body. Place your hands at heart center.
  2. Standing Forward Bend: Exhale, bend forward from the hip joints, lengthen the front torso and draw the belly in.
  3. Chair Pose: Inhale, raise your arms parallel above your head, palms face each other. Exhale, bend your knees and sit back, weight is on your heels.

Sequence 2

  1. Downward Facing Dog: Hands shoulder width apart, feet hip-width apart, lift your hips up and back, press heels down.
  2. Up Dog: Lay face down, hands under your shoulders next to lower ribs. Inhale, press into the palms and straighten arms lifting the torso and tops of the thighs off the floor. Relax shoulders away from your ears.
  3. Bow Pose: Bend your knees, reach for your ankles. As you inhale raise chest and lift hips up off the floor. Press shoulder blades against the back to open your heart.

Sequence 3

  1. Bound Angle Pose: Seated on your mat, press the soles of your feet together and let your knees drop open.
  2. Wide-Legged Forward Bend: Stand in mountain pose, step your feet parallel and wide apart. Exhale, bend forward from the hip joints, place the hands on the ground bending the elbows. Press the thighs back, keep the front torso long and relax your head.
  3. Revolved Triangle Pose: Step feet 3 to 4 feet apart, right foot in front, hips and torso forward, place left hand on the outside of your right foot. Twist from belly reaching right arm up towards the ceiling, gaze follows. Inhale, lengthen the spine. Exhale, twist. Repeat on opposite side.

Sequence 4

  1. Warrior II Pose: Step feet wide apart heels align, turn your right foot 90 degrees toes point to top of mat bending your knee, left foot pivots inwards 45 degrees keeping the leg straight. Raise arms to shoulder height, parallel to the floor. Repeat on opposite side.
  2. Revolved Triangle pose (repeated) OR Camel Pose: Kneel on the floor with your legs hip-width distance. Engage your lower belly, lift your rib cage and reach your hands back to your heels. Gently lower the head, neck, and gaze towards the nose. OR Childs Pose: Sit back on your heels, knees hip width apart, sink your torso down and reach your arms in front, pressing your forehead into the floor. OR Plow Pose: Lay flat on your back. Inhale, engage your core in raising your legs up towards the ceiling. Exhale, bend at the hip joints slowly lowering your toes above and beyond your head, support your lower back with your hands. Align your hips over shoulders, create space between chin and chest.
  3. Half Lord of the Fishes: Sit with your legs stretched out in front. Cross right leg over left, sole of your foot outside left outer hip. Place right arm behind you, reach up with the left bend and hook elbow over the right knee. Inhale, sit tall lengthen the spine. Exhale, twist deeper. Repeat opposite side.

Sequence 5

  1. Knees to chest: Lie on your back, hug both knees up and into your chest.
  2. Cat: Start in table top. Shoulders stacked over the elbows and wrists, hips in line with the knees. Exhale as you round your spine to the ceiling, releasing your head to the floor.
  3. Cow: Inhale let your belly sink to the floor, chest toward the ceiling and lift your head to look forward.




8 Of Our Favorite Yoga Workouts Of 2016


8 Of Our Favorite Yoga Workouts Of 2016

Yoga instructor Claire Grieve

By now, most of the world is well aware that yoga isn’t always a calm, slowly-paced stretch class. Depending on the style you try, an hour-long practice on your mat can torch as many calories as a sweaty HIIT workout.

But there’s something about moving with the breath and cultivating the mind-body connection that makes yoga feel even more satisfying than a gym workout. We see serious results from all those chuttarungas and plank poses, but we also feel mentally clear after a session on our mat. But it doesn’t hurt that a yoga body is lean, sculpted, and svelte. Plus, you can practice asanas almost anywhere—all you need is a flat surface and a little know-how, and you’re good to go.

This year we went hard on the yoga—from Y7 in New York and LA to Luxe Yoga Sydney. But some of our favorite yoga workouts of 2016 were the ones that our experts showed us here at Sporteluxe.





Only a few years ago, getting fit while on holiday was never really at the forefront of anyone’s minds. Vacations were meant for relaxing by the pool, indulging in good (which most of the time meant bad) foods, shopping, drinking copious amounts of cocktails and having fun, right?