Did you know, balancing on your hands and mastering crow pose is easier than you'd think?

We’ve all seen those intsa-worthy arm balance pictures that look totally out of reach. You can find them on the pages of the uber flexible seasoned yogis. But did you know, balancing on your hands and mastering crow pose is easier than you’d think?

Crow pose is the foundation of most arm balances. It works the whole body, builds endurance, and strengthens the mind. In terms of the body, this balance uses full body co-ordination. In particular, it strengthens the arms and wrists, and tones the core muscles and organs. It stretches the upper back and inner thighs, and opens the groin, which helps to ease lower back pain and indigestion.

But it also benefits the mind. Since we all fear falling on our face, it provides us with confidence and a healthy self-awareness. Learning to move slowly and staying calm while practising this pose also helps us with everyday stress and anxiety.

Before you begin, the most important thing with arm balances is to have fun. You will fall. So laugh, smile, pick yourself up, and try again. Try and try again. It’s all part of mastering the pose.

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