Yoga instructor Claire Grieve

By now, most of the world is well aware that yoga isn’t always a calm, slowly-paced stretch class. Depending on the style you try, an hour-long practice on your mat can torch as many calories as a sweaty HIIT workout.

But there’s something about moving with the breath and cultivating the mind-body connection that makes yoga feel even more satisfying than a gym workout. We see serious results from all those chuttarungas and plank poses, but we also feel mentally clear after a session on our mat. But it doesn’t hurt that a yoga body is lean, sculpted, and svelte. Plus, you can practice asanas almost anywhere—all you need is a flat surface and a little know-how, and you’re good to go.

This year we went hard on the yoga—from Y7 in New York and LA to Luxe Yoga Sydney. But some of our favorite yoga workouts of 2016 were the ones that our experts showed us here at Sporteluxe.