1. Clean up your diet and eat more plants pre-vacation so you can indulge guilt-free while traveling. 


2. Take your vitamins to boost your immune system from winter travel germs. Don't forget to pack your hand sanitizer! 

3. Pack healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, veggies, protein bars, almond butter packs and skip processed airport foods. 

4. Hydrate drink lots of water to escape travel dehydration and jet lag. Bonus - add lemon to your water to help cleanse and detoxify. 

5. Meditate in your seat. Try a guided meditation tape to switch off from your surroundings while your en route to your vacation destination. 

6. Catch up on sleep. Use your travel time to catch up on extra Zzz's. Sleep in, take naps and don't set your alarm clock for the entire trip.


7. Find your endorphins with mellow workouts like restorative yoga, pilates, hiking and beach walks.